Small Crashes Anyone?

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I think the smaller the crash, the more the ‘splash’. It’s like having a 10” crash would just be a splash, a 16” splash would just be a crash. I think 14” cymbals sounds like splash cymbals too much and maybe 15 or 16” is the minimum.
I've read that anything below 14" is a splash, 14 or over a crash - regardless of sound.


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I ended up with these cymbals (long story).

21" HHX Evolution Ride
17" AA Medium-Thin Crash
14" SR2 Hats (medium top, heavy bottom)

Even though the Evolution Ride is very crashable, I felt I need another crash. So today I bought an SR2 15" Thin Crash for $99. So I have ended up with 15" and 17" crashes. Do any of you prefer smaller crashes? Peace and goodwill.

Back in my fusion days I had a 15" crash and a 17" crash and 3 splashes too haha.

My biggest issues is that in large setting - big amplified gigs - small crashes sound like splashes. They pop up and vanish and that's fine if that's what you want! But I wouldn't have a 17" as my biggest or like back when I was younger it seemed like the go to sizes were 14" hats, 20" Ride, 16" crash and sometimes an 18".

But they are fun - as with everything - just depends on what sound you want.


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I will probably never play a in a "big amplified gig". I am very happy with my cymbals now. Peace and goodwill.


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...currently, I'm using a 16" crash, a 17" crash, and an 18" crash/ride.
Also, others. ;)


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I recently bought an AA 16" Concept Crash to go with my AA 17" Medium-Thin Crash, and they indeed do blend well. My 20" HHX Evolution Ride is quite crashable too. I may use the 15" SR2 Crash too. Peace and goodwill.

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Right now I'm using a 14", 16" (Traditional) & 18" (New Orleans) Bosphorus crashes. After years of 14" & 16" Zildjians & now using the Bisphorus's I find I'm not using the 14" anywhere near as much. I, too, only play in church on Sundays.


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When I started out, I used smaller crashes. They cost less to buy and sounded fine in my practice room.

When I started gigging and listening back to recordings, I realized that smaller crashes are easily overwhelmed and hard to hear, even when mic'd up. These days, my smallest stage crash is a 17". Most gigs call for 17-18-19 or 18-19-20.

If you want a cymbal to get out of the way faster, buy thin or paper thin - not smaller.
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My favorite crash ever is a 16" Zildjian A Thin Crash. I will always have a spot for this crash. I have other in comparable sizes, splashes as well.

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16" A Medium Crash and 16" A Custom Crash. Both on my home set.
Crisp and bright. "silvery" sounding, to use an adjective.
The rest of my crashes are various 18s.


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So today I bought an SR2 15" Thin Crash for $99. So I have ended up with 15" and 17" crashes. Do any of you prefer smaller crashes?
I tend to favor smaller crashes when I need faster crashes. IE: Have you ever heard of a 22" fast crash?

Once you get under 15", they start sounding a lot like splashes to my ears.