Small Crashes Anyone?


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I've always played 15" & 17" crashes, originally K Custom Dark 15" and a 17" Paiste Signature, but now 15" & 17" A Custom ReZo's (See - someone likes them!).

For the majority of gigs I play, they're plenty loud enough for your typical pub-gig. Occasionally at larger venues I could have larger, but I like the quick decay of smaller cymbals too.

I'd consider adding a 19" to the mix so can shift up a couple of inches if needed.

I also play 13" K Custom Dark / Z Custom hi-hats, but actually don't really like them for the same reason I like the smaller crashes - they're not washy enough for me. It seems the market agrees as they're hard to sell!


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Got an old 17" Zildjian A Thin crash and a newer 15" Zildjian K Custom Fast crash as my *go-to* crashes, but smack my 10" Zildjian K Splash quite often too. The 19" Zildjian A Medium crash pretty much sits unplayed. It's a hoss that needs to be pounded to get it to open up and then it hums and vibrates for minutes. Inaudible (to me anyway!) sympathetics vibrate the snare wires off and on for almost a minute. For most playing, I don't need as much volume, so the smaller crashes suit me fine.


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I haven't yet played a small crash that pleased my ear. To me it's either 16" and above or 8 or 10" splashes. In between, it's difficult; but I'd love to try good in "in-betweens"!


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I must fess up. I took the 15" and 17" crashes to church because of the low volume at which we play. I now have 17' and 19" AAX X-plosion Crashes. Peace and goodwill.


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I used to. I have a 14" and 15" A Customs on a practice kit. I have since moved on to large, dark, and thin cymbals.


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My go-to crash on my current setup for the last year or so has been a Sabian 17"AAX concept crash. It's the precursor of the new Sabian AAX thin crashes.
It's hammered and somewhat dark if crashed lightly, but can sing if hit with a solid glance.
I can't imagine needing a larger version of this cymbal for the music I play.
I really love those Sabian Concept Crashes. I picked up a couple 16" and 17" when most of the online retailers had them for dirt cheap around Christmas in 2018. I had actually always been a "Zildjian guy" and these Sabian Concept Crashes were my first foray into their brand.

I use my Zildjian A's for rehearsals and the Sabians for shows. LOVE thin cymbals now...they way they open up without much effort. Interesting that I don't know anyone else that bought them!


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Ah, the Crystal Crash. A sound I've not heard from any other cymbal company. And its name isn't a misnomer.
I also managed to snag a used 16" Paiste Signature Crystal Crash too, which is one of my favorites. If I'm not mistaken, I don't think Paiste offers any Crystal Crashes in any line anymore. 😞


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Years back i used 14, 16 and 17" crashes (replaced the 17 with an 18" later on). Used that for years, but once a started using an 18" crash as my main crash (opposed to the 16" i was using for years) the 16" crash was eventually left out of my setup. 16" crashes sound too 'thin' to my taste. For the last 4 years or so an 18 and a 19" crash are the way for me (although i started to use my ride as a crash source as well haha).

Roscoe Joe

Many years ago I started out with a 14" & 16" Zyljian thin crashes and I use them to this day. Just recently I've started looking at Bosphorus crashes and haf a go at a 17" & a 19" & wasn't too keen, but that's just because it's not what I'm used to for the style I play. I have come to realize I need to add an 18" but I still like my 14" & 16" crashes. I think it comes down to the style you play and personal preference. Go into a store and give some a hit to see what you think.


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It just occurred to me that Chris Adler uses small crashes; 2x 14", a 16 and an 18". Always stuck me as odd that a metal drummer used small crashes, but they do cut through the mix and do work for that type of music (well... he does compensate with a massive 24" ride hehe)


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The only cymbals I use that are under 18" is hi hats, I've never like the sound of small crashes to my ear they are piercing and too bright.


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on my practice kit i have 14" and 16" crashes, they were cheap and do for when my main cymbals are otherwise out of reach.