Small crash cymbal to use with cajon set up- thinking splash


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Anyone recommend a cymbal with a high pitched crash sound that is maybe 12" or smaller? Most splashes have a slightly lower pitched tone than my 16" A crash (obviously) but that is the sound I am looking to copy with a smaller cymbal.

I will probably be playing with my hands or blasticks or rods so volume levels will be lower and less attach from softer sticks or hands.

I have listened to all kinds of cymbals online just need to zero in on one.

Maybe a China, splash or stack of the two? Think high pitched crash sound with a little sustain (like a crash!).



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I've got a Sabian !3"AA El Sabor Salsa Splash that is a great little crash cym. I've had it for a long time, and it's held up great.


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Try a Dream 12" crash. A real crash but bright with a shortish decay and not too loud. Also cheap for the quality you get.


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I second the 14" Fast Crash suggestion - fasts often have a higher overall sound than thins and paper thins.


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BBeen doing a bunch of listening online (unfortunately) because music stores are all an hour away.

Amazing how low/terrible most splashes sound right!?!.

I think I am going to settle on a 12" splash because it seems like anything smaller has some weird splash tendency rather than a shimmering crash sound.

I will look at each of your suggestions before I buy though. Thank you all.
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