Small bass drum driving me nuts


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I use Coated Powerstroke 3's on my 18"s. I have to modify them because the problem is that Remo uses the same width muffling ring on all the Powerstroke 3 bass drum heads regardless of head size. The muffling ring is 2" wide, the same for an 18" as it is for a 24". 2" wide is WAY too much for an 18", so I modify the head before I install it. I cut a full 1" off the ring all the way around, so they end result is only a 1" muffling ring. It really helps open the drum up a lot and still gives a nice low end thud without it sounding like there is 17 pillows inside it. I would try reducing the width of your muffling rings in the Powerstroke 3's down to 1". You will be amazed at the difference.


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Playing a cottage party with friends this weekend.. small PA 4 singers, guitars, bass and keys. I went down to my basement and found a small Tama Starcalssic B/B floor tom I never use, makes an awesome small kick. Works perfectly with my Pearl kick adapter hardware.. solid as a rock. This kit is so tiny I can carry it in one load.. sounds great!tama.jpg