Small 2nd set of tasty metal - Rides ?


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Hey everyone,

I am in the process of racking up a small 2nd set of cymbals. I currently have two drum kits going at home, and I also have to bring cymbals to band rehearsal every week. I'm a bit tired of moving my only hi-hats and ride from one place to another.

Right now, I'm just going for hi-hats, a ride, and one crash. I just scored a 2nd pair of Zildjian New Beat 14" hats, used, from eBay, in excellent condition, at about half of what new ones cost. New Beats are all I know, and I have no need to experiment further, since nothing else I tried has convinced me, so I am happy about these.

I also got a pretty good deal on a new Zildjian A Custom 18" crash, which I think I am really going to love, based on what I have heard. I always wanted an 18" crash (my others are Paiste Signature 16" Full Crash and Zildjian K 17" Dark Thin Crash), and I think it will go really well with the band I am now playing in.

Now, when it comes to the ride, this is where I get really finnicky. I probably should hand-pick this one, or at least, only buy online if there is a return policy. My current ride is a Sabian HH 20" Heavy Ride, which is a dark sort of ride, with a nice and warm, well-defined ping sound. This is generally the sound that I like, as opposed to some shimmery and washy jazz ride. I want a heavy sound that I can really lay into for alt rock, but not so heavy that it's useless for other types of music. I have no allegience to any brand, although I am gravitating toward Zildjian and Paiste for this one. So far, I am considering the following (all 20") :

1) Zildjian A Rock Ride
2) Zildjian A Medium Ride
3) Zildjian A Custom Projection Ride
4) Zildjian K Heavy Ride
5) Zildjian K Custom Medium Ride
6) Paiste 2002 Heavy Ride
7) Paiste 2002 Power Ride

I love the look of the Paiste 2002's, and I know they stay shiney and new looking for a long time. There's just so much stuff out there, I have a feeling I will be deciding forever. If anyone has any of these, and wants to steer me in any particular direction, consider me your disciple, or at least, loyal listener.



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The K Custom, the 2oo2 Heavy Ride, and the A Medium Ride (although i would go for a 22" or 24") are the the three best of your options, IMO.


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Hi there man,

Here's what I can comment about: From that list, I own a 21" A Rock Ride, also had a 20" A Medium Ride some months ago and sold it and know personally the A Custom Projection as a friend of mine owns one.

First of all, I don't like the Projection. Not one bit. It's so metallic, harsh and loud that gets really annoying for anything other than extremely loud music (I.M.H.O. of course). Some people love that cymbal.

Then, the Rock Ride. Well, it's also loud, and it's very bright. It has a very classic "ting" and very clean, defined sound. You can't crash it to save your life, though. It's kinda what some call "one-dimensional". Has a fantastic bell and cuts through anything. My other ride is a 20" K, that's a lot darker and washy, so I got the A Rock to contrast it and have two very different sounds.

On the other hand, the 20" A Medium is a very safe choice. You can play almost anything with that cymbal. The one I had crashed beautifully and was really great. I sold 'cause I was bored and wanted to get the K.. but there's nothing wrong with that cymbal, it's truly fantastic.

After all.. you gotta try them yourself and see what you like best. For now, all I can say is: If you want at least some crash on your ride, don't pick the Projection or the Rock.

PS: Oh, BTW, if you've never done it, go to They have dozens of great quality tests of many many cymbals.



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Oh yes, I have been all over the MyCymbal stuff on YouTube - that's where I got most of my ideas. I definitely will be seeking them out to try at the stores here. I doubt I will buy anything without trying the model first. I want to bring my Sabian and hear it against what I am trying. I think my Sabian is kind of bright but some people have said it's dark, so I don't know what words mean sometimes. I do like the A medium for that classic sound, which can be a very cool heavy without being too harsh or bright, but still solid.


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I might stir up trouble here, but heavier cymbals are darker than their thinner counterparts, and the HH series is a darker series of cymbals. A heavy ride will have a loud, high pitched ping that might make it appear to be brighter than it is. With such heavy cymbal choices, I'd check the 22" versions out. The bigger size will help bring the pitch down.


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No trouble at all. I was considering that as well. I actually measured my cymbal bag to make sure a 22" would fit. It would take some adjustment, but I will look at them if I find them.


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I went shopping at 4 stores today, and came up empty. I didn't really like any of the K, K Custom, or A Customs that I tried. I tried an A 22" Medium Ride that was good, but the bell was sharp and high-pitched. I tried a new 20" A Ping Ride that I didn't love, but a used one I came across was quite good. It was in such crappy shape though. I would like a new one that sounds as good as the used one I played. I'm wondering if I'm a Sabian guy when it comes to rides. I may have to revisit those next weekend.


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I might stir up trouble here, but heavier cymbals are darker than their thinner counterparts....
I'm sorry but you've got that the wrong way around, just sayin. Larger cymbals are lower in pitch than smaller sized cymbals of the same make and model, but thinner cymbals are darker in timbre than heavier ones