Slipknot “Parts Ways” with Drummer Jay Weinberg

Slipknot, the second-biggest metal band in terms of streaming, has “parted ways” with Jay Weinberg after 9 years and three albums.

The separation obviously creates an opening for one of the biggest metal bands, creates the question of where Weinberg will land and makes one wonder about the futures of Mike Mangini and Chris Adler. recently reported Slipknot’s streaming audience is second only to Metallica. Korn, Megadeth and Lamb of God round out the Top 5.

Hmmm..the Slipknot statement was diplomatic yet not (reading between the lines). Maybe I'm taking it wrong but ten years honoring Joey now no?. Maybe Joey wouldn't have evolved. It's up to Slipknot not anyone else..maybe the new guy needs to have studied under Weckl. done.
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Maybe I’m not the Slipknot fan either. Gimme a break, I’m still adjusting to a world without Eddie Van Halen 😎
True, it's a crazy world. To quote a Govt Mule song, all my friends and heroes are dropping like flies.
Jay seemed like a good fit for the band, be interesting to find out why at a later point.

Maybe they have snapped up Mangini (doubtful I know, but stranger things have happened in music)
The Slipknot sound is so iconic, that I honestly wonder how they're going to evolve, without allaying the Classic Slipknot thing. Their whole sound is basically "angry paralysis demon" and I just have a hard time imagining anything else.

Jay was a great fit for that sound.

Is this going to be a new, polite Slipknot? I sure hope not.