Slingerland Super Set-O-Matic Double Tom Mount


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I have a vintage late 1970's double tom mount and just recently noticed that the plastic/polyurethane/whatever it's made of ball is loose where the long rod meets the ball. When I started googling to see if I could find another one in better condition than the one I currently have I found a guy in Texas who makes reproduction parts for the Set-O-Matic holders. He calls himself JP2 Creations, Inc. I'm thinking this is exactly what I need. A modern equivalent to a vintage product that is built to the same specs as the original but with new and modern materials. I'm just wondering if anyone has purchased parts from him and what your experience has been. I like the idea of just buying the part that I need rather than buying an entire vintage set up that could fail at any time. Anyone with experience with Mr. Petty please provide your thoughts. Thanks in advance.