Slingerland Spitfire 12 Lug Snare Drum Question


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Hi everyone ..

i just picked this up from a guy who was using it with a Tama Rockstar kit .. I didnt know what it is but i was surprised when i counted and recounted the 12 lugs.

can anyone give me any information on this snare ... Attached is a pic



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I think those snares were built right before Slingerland almost "disappeared" (beginning of the '80s?). I remember some ads regarding Slingerland sets in magazines like Downbeat showing this type of 12 lugs snares.

The strainer seems to be excellent. I do not know if this can help, but the picture shown hereinafter, taken from some web site, shows Slingerland snares using this type of strainer and 12 lugs.



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Your question made me curious (I owned a Slingerland set back in the mid-seventies and I still have the snare!), so I made some research on the Internet.

If you're still interested, here a very interesting link (scroll down to 1979 - 1980):

I think that Slingerland were making excellent drums right before they almost desappeared (I mean: before they went through the Gretsch and Gibson ownership, which was almost the end of the company). I could be wrong, but I have he impression they lived for too long on relatively old fashioned products in a period where several producers (and in particular Japanese ones) were working on new concepts and products. When Slingerland finally came up with snares like the one you presented above, it was almost too late to face the competition.

I would like to point out that I am not saying their previous products were not good: I simply think that from a commercial point of view they waited too long before they started more (commercially) appealing product lines.

Would be nice to hear the opinion of members who know the history of the company better than me.