Slingerland concert tom: legit or fake?


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I recently bought a 10" orphan 70s Slingerland concert tom to add to my 70s Slingerland concert tom kit (no jokes please) and upon arrival I'm kind of stymied.

The hardware is all Slingerland; rim, lugs, mount, even the metal trim ring on the bottom but looking inside, the shell seems different, particularly the reinforcement ring which on my kit is beveled on both edges but here is totally squared off. And the batter bearing edge itself appears to be 'sharper' than what I remember on my kit.

Also confusing is that the inside of the shell is unfinished, and does not have a "P" or "M" stamp. I guess this all could have been sanded off at some point but I don't know why anyone would.

Unfortunately my kit is in storage at the moment so I can't directly compare the two but I could immediately tell that it is obviously different and I'm wondering if it's possibly a random shell with Slingy hardware. Or were concert toms of this size constructed differently as they were normally sold as add-ons?

To be clear, I'm not suggesting dishonesty on the seller's part as he provided many photos including of the interior; I just didn't notice these things before having it in my possession.

I only just opened it up last night so later I will research the serial # to get an idea of its actual year. And yes I did check out the vintagedrumguide page which wasn't really helpful in this instance...

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Some pics of the re-ring, inside of the tom mount (regular SOM as opposed to a clip mount), and the bearing edge from above... serial number is mid-70s...





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I would compare the plies, grommet measurement from hoop/placement, and check under the lug for any drilling mods. That hole seems consistent with the mount it would've come with. The work done to the drum with unoriginal parts indicates the edges could've been modified as well.


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erring only on one side? That seems odd.
Good point. I believe the toms on my kit have them on both sides, and this photo from a Reverb listing of the same kit from the same era bears that out:

I'm no expert but I think that the smaller concert toms (6, 8, 10) might have had a different construction due to their size, maybe 5-ply which Slingerland didn't use re-rings on. So I wouldn't be surprised if this is a later mod for whatever reason. The presence of glue oozing from the join as well as the awkward fit with the tom bracket make me wonder if this is the case.

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Update; I did some digging of my own and asked around on a FB Slingerland group and it looks like this is a legit drum with a re-ring added after the fact. Slingerland concert toms of the day sized 10 and below did not have re-rings as a rule; furthermore, this re-ring is multi-ply and Slingerland used solid re-rings. I'm guessing that the interior finish was entirely sanded off in order to glue this re-ring on, hence the bare appearance and lack of stamp.

Now, does anybody know what would be a good varnish/lacquer whatever to apply to the interior to get it to match?