Slayer's Dave Lombardo revelas his 13 favourite albums

Toby Quietus

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Hey everybody, my name's Toby, I write for a music website called the Quietus.

I know that this is tantamount to spamming, but.... I interviewed Slayer's 'godfather of the double bass', Dave Lombardo recently about his 13 favourite LP's, and I thought that some of those here might appreciate he read!

There's the expected Led Zep, Dead Kennedys and Sabbath in there, but also a few Latin Jazz and world/folk surprises., if you fancy a read; it's pretty revealing.




Interesting, though not surprising that he likes thrash and punk since that's where Slayer is coming from. They're the grand elders of hardcore speed metal and for that reason I can see them not being influenced by all the people THEY influenced. The guys in the band are also pretty down to earth. They see what they do as a style -- not unlike Edgar Allan Poe writing about macabre topics -- that's doesn't mean that he personally was into murder and torture.


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Toby, don't think you're spamming, the Quietus website is a good read, thanks for bringing this to our attention.


Thats quite an interesting list, I'll be sure to check out some of the artists that he named that I hadn't heard of before.