#SKFBlog -- Neil Peart On Making His Romanian Oak Drumset

Scott K Fish

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#SKFBlog -- Neil Peart On Making His Romanian Oak Drumset

R40 drums.jpeg

SKF NOTE: This morning, revisiting email exchanges with Neil Peart, looking for one exchange in particular, I came across Neil's March 15, 2015 email and photo describing his "new Romanian Oak drumset," destined for Rush's 40th Anniversary show. I've spent enough time working with wood, and drums, that I was absolutely impressed with the craftsmanship and beauty of this drumset.

I responded to Neil that day, March 15, and I wrote in part:

Boy, that is a beautiful drumset. A true work of art. Thumbs up to everyone involved with the design and building. Very, very nice. Of course, the bottom line is: How does it sound? But, I know if it didn't sound first-class, you wouldn't be playing it. It would be, "Back to the drawing board!"

Full Post -- https://scottkfish.com/2020/02/16/neil-peart-on-making-his-romanian-oak-drumset/


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Sometimes there are no words to express ones awe, and in my case this evening, wow, will just have to do.

The image is haunting in the sense the kit sits idle, alone. A vivid reminder as to how short life is.

Thank you for this, Sir.