SKFBlog Audio - Al Duncan - Great Ears and a Good Memory (Circa 1981)

Scott K Fish

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#SKFBlog Audio - Al Duncan - Great Ears and a Good Memory (Circa 1981)

I was interested in speaking with Al Duncan because I knew — from printed sources and from other musicians, like Willie Dixon — that Mr. Duncan had played on several early rock recording sessions for Chess Records and Motown.
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This is fantastic Scott, so cool to hear the entire interview! I'm also imagining that Al's surviving family members and descendants might appreciate being able to hear this.

Confession: I'd never heard of Al Duncan before, though I unknowingly had heard his playing many times. A bit of searching also turned up an article in "Blues and Rhythm" magazine (didn't know that was a thing, British publication) published last year. I ordered a copy and look forward to checking it out when it arrives.

Thanks Scott for yet another valuable contribution to documenting the history of our instrument.