SKF Inquiry: Drummer Billy Kentucky Wilson

Scott K Fish

Silver Member
Hi -

I received an email from a woman seeking info on drummer Billy 'Kentucky' Wilson. Here's what she wrote:

My husband and I were wondering if anyone out there remembers a drummer name Billy Kentucky Wilson? We knew him many years ago and lost track of him and his family.

Kentucky played at the Pythod in the 60s a friend of Roy McCurdy and many others.He was extremely talented. I guess he did some recording but I'm not sure what? Grew up in Kentucky.

Wilson's name is new to me. I came up empty on a quick online search. I did write to Roy McCurdy. He remembers Wilson, but has no recent info on him. Mr. McCurdy thinks Wilson might be dead.

Can anyone on this forum help round out the Billy 'Kentucky' Wilson profile?

Thank you. // skf