Skeletonwitch - My Skin of Deceit cover


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I find it an excellent practice to just take some song you are vaguely familiar with and try to learn it as fast as possible and record it immediately.
So i recorded this. Listened to the song 2 times, practiced for 20 minutes and hit record. A simple and short tune, so not much to learn thankfully :)
Took some liberties also as not every fill is the same as on the record.

The audio is a mix of the camera and from the mixer so sounds a bit odd.


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I thought the mix was good for drummers listening to drummers. Your playing is good, and I like your sound. I like to play metal, but that song is about as fast as I can play. Around 160 is my tops. Those blast sections are hard to do. Where it's just kick, snare back and forth. Good job.