SKB cymbal case


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I am having problems finding a cymbal case that will hold all my cymbals. I have 9; one of them an 18" china. I have an SKB case, but it only holds 7.
I have been looking on line, and some of the information regarding cymbal bags/cases are really vague as to how many they can hold.
After talking to a guy at a local music store, he told me that I would probably need to use two bags/cases.

Are there any out there that hold more than eight?


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Its too bad a lot of descriptions are vague. The fact that the China is odd shaped will be a limiting factor. Most will hold a lot if they are all nested from large to small on top, but the china will throw a wrench in things.


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i have the skb 24" case with rollers and it will only hold seven.
i have fit
20 k custom dark ride
20 avedis ping
19 k custom hybrid crash
14 avedis new beat top
14 bottom
16 a custom projection
10 a custom splash
18 oriental china

the bolt will grab the nut and screw down a bit but it sticks up too much and the case doesnt want to close.

i suggest... a. more bags... b. less cymbals
id go with the former.