SJC vs. DW Custom Kit


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Hello all...
It seems as if I am in the market for a custom kit.
As you could tell by the title of this thread...I've narrowed it down to two companies: SJC and DW.
Have any of you ordered through DW's "Kit Builder"?
How about through SJC?
What was your experience with either? How did the kit come did it sound, etc. I wanna know the deets!
I love both companies to death.
Everything from their craftsmanship to their sound is A+ in my book.
Looking forward to hearing back from ya'll.

The SunDog

You should consider some other options. Nothing against either set, but there are so many other great drums. I own a DW and I love it, love everything about it. I just think you should always give yourself every possibility. That way when you do make your final choice you are not left wondering if it was the best decision.


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Between those choices, I would absolutely go with DW for a few reasons:

Resale value is extremely important, and 'new' boutique brands have yet to prove their value, whereas DW (and other majors) retain their value fairly well.

Also, if you need a part, you are able to get DW parts almost anywhere. Granted, some of their stuff (proprietary tension rods for example...) can be costly, but that's part of the cost of dealing with a company that's established enough to have proprietary components in the first place.

Note that I haven't mentioned sound or price, I assume you've investigated both. But I agree with SunDog that it's to your benefit to check out everything you can. There are lots of great drums out there that may sound better to you, cost less, and have a faster delivery time.

My recommendation is that if you find a kit in a store and it sounds great and has a finish & price you like... buy it! Why order a drum that you can't even hear until 8-12 weeks (or more) in the future?