sjc drums


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hi there you guys
first of all, im new and happy to be here
now heading straight forward towards my aim, i personally love sjc drums
now i wanted to order a kit, what would you say about these sizes: 13x4.5 snare, 20x21 bass drum, 10x7 tom, 12x8 tom, 14x12 f tom, 15x13 f tom
thx in advance


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Welcome! sounds like a cool kit. 15" heads are really hard to find in some stores, and there usually isn't a ton of selection if they do have 15" heads. Just know what your getting into. I used to have a 15"x15" rack tom and it was really hard to find heads for it.


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I wouldn't worry about the 15" so much as the bass drum. Assuming 20" is the diameter and 21" is the depth finding a case is gonna be damn near impossible if you're the gigging type, or are going to become one. You'd probably have to custom order a case and that could get pricey.

Now if the Diameter is 21" I don't think you'll find a head in that size..... at least until DW starts selling BD's in that size which I'm sure will happen eventually. :)



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I've used 15" floor toms on my last 3 kits over the last 15 years and have yet to run into trouble finding replacements. Then again, I don't replace them all that often and am in a large enough city that has a dozen or more music stores, and my head of choice (Emps/G2 top & Amb/G1 reso) is fairly common. Also, it's possible to order heads online (which I did last time around) and there's never an issue there.