Six New Demos on the 2112 YouTube Channel


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I've been teaching drum lessons at 2112 Percussion here in Raleigh for, what, three or four years, and sometimes they let me take home a couple snares so I can make videos of them. This time I got my hands on a Legacy Mahogany Downbeat kit and a bunch of snares, including a couple 8x14s that were hard to find anywhere online in a format I was looking for, so I made my own!

The Legacy got used as the 'house kit' for the shoot (you can see my Gretsch in the background) and I'm happy to say that they sound every bit as warm and round as the 60s drums do, but the hardware feels, well, new. And those 8x14s are some serious cannons.

So here are the videos if you'd like to check them out:

Legacy Mahogany Downbeat w/Jazz Fest Snare
8x14 Copperphonic
8x14 Raw Brass Phonic
6.5x14 Hammered Supraphonic w/tube lugs
8.5x14 LP Banda Snare
7x14 DW Edge Snare


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Your demos are excellent. Great playing, sound quality, everything.

For being close-miked the sound quality is excellent, very natural sounding. That doesn't seem to be easy to do with most demos I've seen. Bravo!
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Oh man the LP Banda sounds fantastic. It's so focused, you can hear every single touch of the stick. Didn't sound muddy or loose at any tuning. And it has fantastic ring. Plus, on top of how it sounds, I like the modern look of the aluminum lugs against all that stainless steel. Speaking of lugs, it has 24. That's wild! Not bad at all for a snare under $500.


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Thanks guys! I was surprised by the Banda too, though I think it would be interesting to see how focused it would be with an Ambassador like the rest of the drums; the LP was the only one that kept its stock head, which is some sort of knockoff Pinstripe.

I don't personally think it's that hard to record natural-sounding drums, but I've been tweaking my drum sounds for over twelve years now, and I just want it to sound and feel the way it does behind the kit. It helps to have a great mic collection, but you've got to have the stuff up close to capture how some things hit you in the chest, and some farther away to capture the air moving in the room. Just one or the other doesn't quite cut it in my opinion, but that's why I'm making these, I guess.