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Hey guys!
I have a question about sitting on the drum throne. Well you see i have a tailbone which sticks out a little bit, which I was born with. Because of it I have trouble leaning back when sitting on chairs and stuff. My question is will sthis negatively affect my playing, especially bass drumming? And if so what should I do (buy a different seat...?)?
Thanks for any help!


It shouldn't effect your drumming, infact I sit at the very front of my throne, not sit back into it, it makes me feel like I am in a better posture to play the drums, and it has hindered my experience over the past 12 years.


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Unless you're doing heel up double bass and trying to get up to speed (myself and a lot of drummers have a tendency to lean back when playing this way) I don't see a problem.
I would recommend buying the comfiest throne you can find however to alleviate any discomfort you might have after sitting for long periods of time.


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I play on a round pork pie, which has more than enough cushion for anybody. I sit on the front edge, as Ham mentioned, which leaves my feet positioned over the pedals properly.


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I broke my tailbone when I was a kid and it never healed right so mine also sticks out a bit, and I have never had any issues sitting on a drum throne, no matter how high, low, forward, back, period of time, etc. You should be fine.

Bo Eder

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If you're searching for comfy thrones, don't forget to check out the thrones offered by Ford Drums - they're doing some innovative looks and cushiony materials.

Good luck!


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Holy balls, Bob, at $300 that makes my Roc n Soc look downright cheap! lol I bet it would work well, though. Do you use one of these?
I haven't bought one yet but I tried one. It is without a doubt the most comfortable throne that I have ever tried.
My round Roc-N-Soc is pretty comfortable and so is my Tama First Chair but they do not compare to a Carmichael.
I am constantly searching for a used one.


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But wait I'm thinking of a new obstacle this brings about. I know I could bring the seat around to gigs/lessons etc. but what would I do in those situations when it wasn't available? Would I just tough it out?