Sit in request on the gig


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John Robinson was sitting at the bar of a club I was playing 20 years ago. I only knew that because he came over and chatted with me while I was setting up my drums and introduced himself. I was blown away! Anyway, after our first set, I went over to him with our set list and told him we'd love for him to sit in on anything he wanted to. He looked the list over and just said "Thanks, but no thanks. You guys sound great just the way you are!"


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A local band's drummer said I could sit in on a song during their next show. My wife asked him during a recent gig (unknown to me). He was really cool about it and said he wanted to sit in the audience to hear what his kit sounded like from out front. They always have a great audio mix, btw. I try to talk to all the drummers but rarely ask to sit in.

I wouldn't have a problem with anyone siting in at my shows, as long as the rest of the band didn't care. I'm no pro by any means. It's only rock 'n' roll...


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I would never ask to sit in. I've refused to sit in a couple times, in order to not show up the other drummer (I'm not saying I'm special. Just sayin he wasn't AT ALL). That was years ago. I'd sit in, in a hot minute these days!
On a slightly related note, just last week I had the "pleasure" of taking part in a company team building event where about a hundred people in a hall where given handheld drums, frame drums etc, the idea being that after being split into groups we'd build up one mega rhythm. A few of my colleagues know I'm in a band but I quickly downplayed any talk of taking a role above anyone elses, not what I wanted to do and not my area of expertise either. That didn't stop a couple of people from straining at the leash to let us know that they were drummers and getting the chance to solo or play bigger drums. The end result was as described by Old Dog New Cans situation, underwhelming. I'm not saying I'd have done better.....but I probably would have and at worst I didn't announce my credentials then perform worse than some of the people who'd picked a drum up for the first time and taken to it.