sister havana ?


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google, yahoo searches have produced nothing on this...does any one know what brand.kit Blackie Onasis used to record the song " sister havana" ? I know the drums in the official video for the song, arn't necessarily what was used in the recording, and in later years he was using Slingerland kits. but I really like the sound of the drums on the original recording of that song...thanks if any one knows.


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Great song, cool band. I bought that album when it came out in the early 90's.

It might be nigh impossible to know unless you can contact Blackie O or the producer for the album (if either of them can remember)

If he was playing "his" drums on the recording then they might be Ludwigs. I think he was playing Ludwigs at the time.

Maybe I'll break out the oversize gold medallions and go as Nash Kato for Halloween.