Single-point lugs / tuning question


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I just picked up a Spaun USA snare for a trial period. I noticed that the lugs are single point, as in, there is only one point of contact with the drum shell. Do I need to take any special precautions when tuning, or is it ok just to tune it up like normal?

Not my snare, but mine has the same lugs.


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Never thought about it and don't have experience with it, but as long you don't tighten the **** out of the heads like a marching snare drum i think you're in the clear :)


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I'm not sure you need to do anything special, but maybe don't leave one side tensioned without tension on the other? This would be to prevent any shear force on the hardware. That's the only thing I can think of.

Edit: you may want to ask Andy. I believe he used to have one with a matching set iirc.
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That’s the one issue. I have lots of experience with single point lugs, and YES if you leave one side cranked tight when you change heads on the other side, the lugs get pulled toward the tight side, which can dent a finish or wrap, and stress the shell at the edge of the lug. Also, the tension on each head affects the other, since the lug can usually tilt a mm or two. So it doesn’t work to tune one head without the other one also installed with at least close to the right amount of tension. When I re-head my single points, I tension and tune both heads “at the same time” in increments.


No personal experience as even all of my piccolo snares have had 2 screws per lug, even with lugs less then 2" long. Unless you keep extreme differences in tension between the top and bottom for extended periods of time I think you'll be fine. The fact that they are a single lug used for both top and bottom evenly distributes the tension to two opposing sides. I've only heard of problems with single points that are used for single rods as it causes a pull in one direction. And those old Tama square lugs that twisted. Really nice drum by the way, bet it sounds great tuned high.
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Tune as you would if it were double. Bongoman's assessment above is actually negligible UNLESS you are one of those who tightens one side way beyond that which a seasoned drummer would allow. That being the case, you'll cause stress damage whether you have single or double screwed lugs.

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There are tons of drums like that. Play the friggin thing!!

You may notice that my avatar is the same set up and I'd dare say was a bit more of an investment. Some people get wrapped around the axle about stuff like this. It's a drum. think about what happens every time you do a rim shot. There ya go. Something else to worry about. LOL
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I would be concerned about the fact that there are no swivel nuts, and that, you can more easily cross thread brass tube lugs. Over the last last thirty years of owning Noble and Cooley products, higher tensions have never been an issue, even with nodal mounted lugs on a 7×14 snare. I've always just kept the tension screws, and tubes, reasonably well lubricated. Also, your snare is shallow in depth, so you should able to get a high tuning without too much tension required on the tension screws. Nice looking drum...enjoy!