Single Pedal quads


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Some really awesome single pedal ability there mate, really awesome well done!


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Yeah that's awesome! Could you maybe make a video on how you do your single foot quads?
I might do this, but it's not really that complicated. All I really do is slam my foot across the footboard in a way where my heel hits, then toe, then heel, then toe.

ba dum tish

That was very impressive, seemed like you had a good amount of control over it too.

That was quite impressive! This is very similar to how Jojo Mayer plays his 4 note groups with one foot.
Can you send me a link to any videos where jojo talks about this?


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He meant your toe on the upper limit of the pedal board right underneath the chain cam sprocket.
In that case, yes. I'm sure there's some way of doing it without slamming your toes into the chain, but that's how I do it, and it works well for me. This technique might be difficult to do on a direct drive pedal.