Singing Drummers? Yay or Nay?


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I sing backup vocals on most songs, and I sing lead on 8-10 songs per gig. I use a headset mic because I don't like being forced to sing into a boom mic.

Interestingly, when I was hired for the band, I was not singing at all. Then when they realized I could sing, I started with a few minor background vocal parts, then key harmony parts, and then moved on to singing lead on one song, then two, and so on.

I really enjoy singing while playing, although some songs are more difficult than others due to the melodies and the drum parts. I also struggle to remember lyrics, so I use a lot of cheat notes when I sing.

One drummer who is underated for singing is Roger Taylor. Check out this video of him singing:


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Unless the lyrics are really rhythmic, or I know it by heart, I can't. I'm getting a bit better as time goes on though.