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I think she is adorable. Great timing, good dynamics and she looks like she is having a great time with her head and hair swinging all around and a smile on her face. What's not too like!

Patrice B

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Great, she looks confident and has good timing. And she plays what the song needs, no less, no more.
I present her playing once or twice a month to my young students (5 to 11 years old).


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A Blues project in honour of Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones, performed by his grandson Joolz Jones, presented by music legend Donovan, and including Sina Doering on drums.
The 12 song series was recorded on July 3rd past, 50 years to the day of Brian Jones's passing.

This is just awesome stuff with Donovan narrati ng and participating. Miss Sina demonstrates that she is adept in every genre of music. She is just lovely drumming to the Blues here.


REO Speedwagon drummer Alan Gratzer comments on Sina's cover treatment of their song "Roll With The Changes".

Alan Gratzer18 hours ago
Sina, this is actually Alan Gratzer! REO's manager Tom Consolo sent me this link. You really nailed it! I wish my drums sounded this good when I recorded this track @ 1978. Your meter is impeccable and so are your chops. One thing I always regretted is that track really needed the kick to be up a bit in the mix so all those trip beats would be accentuated, but it got buried in the mix. One of the comments was that this person wanted your ride to be closer to you wouldn't be stressing your rotator cuff. Coincidentally, in the last three years I've had shoulder surgery on both shoulders so maybe there's something to it! That guy must be an orthopaedist! Anyway, keep on doing what you're doing. This was a lovely tribute which I appreciated immensely. I'm looking forward now to digging into some of the other stuff you recorded. Cheers, Alan G



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She's a terrific drummer. She promotes drumming and playing music. She is dedicated. She is making a living playing music. Kudos.


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I'm not a musician but able to hearing a good stuff. Seing Sina on YT?...So what? Yes, but not only! Innovative girl, with good technical mastery.
Sina was (and is right) to cover most popular top hits on Rock'n Roll, pieces of a great world wide musical expression.
On the other side , Sina's gorgeous (in the facts) driving and leading work with the Gäs allowed her substancial progress playing live, not only on easy studio tracks. Playing with band is an accumulation of experience. Futurally speaking, I wish her the best, if Sina should make efforts to control the tremendous energy, on her own and right way.

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There are two different issues here that we need to keep separate. One is why Sina is so popular, and a lot has been said about this.

The other is why so many more talented drummers, male and female, are not nearly so popular. There are a number of reasons, but I think the most important one is the vast majority of the public doesn't know anything about high-quality drumming. They haven't been exposed to it, and they haven't been educated in what makes it good.


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I'd like to chime in on this discussion if I may.

Let's look at media through the ages.

At one point the only media available was the radio.

Virtually every musical artist got their start via radio.....all our classic drumming heroes became known to us via the radio.

We also had vinyl, 8 tracks, cassettes, CDs etc etc.

We later on had artists like The Jackson 5 got their exposure to a whole new they had the cutsie little lead singer who became a phenomenon.

All those mediums mentioned could be considered the "YouTube" of the time.

Then can the internet and YouTube.

So now the potential audience has grown exponentially.

YouTube has very little self regulation and anyone can post something and they will generally find someone out of a global population of 7 billion people who will like them.

There are idiots, tools, fools, clever, intelligent, dumb, brilliant and embarrassing types of people on YT posting stuff.

YouTube is here to stay......... whether that be fortunate or unfortunate, who knows?

These YouTube clips can be so rehearsed, edited, processed and manipulated so easily that they can be deceiving.

Personally I don't watch Sina on YouTube.

There is just something about the whole process with her and others that I don't enjoy.

Regardless of the whole "sexist" comments, these videos ARE designed to highlight her gender.

The real way to see her success in my opinion is to wait and see what sort of a drumming career she forges for herself away from the safety net of YouTube.

She will need to play with other musicians, infront of small crowds, in small venues, lugging her own gear around and paying her dues like everyone else has had to do.

I don't think Sina really has to worry about too much other than sitting down behind the kit and playing. I think she has a big team behind her.......that's kinda unrealistic personally for someone so young.

But if her career can blossom in the real world as it has on YouTube, then she's going to be huge.

I find that some members on this thread are really quite aggressive with promoting her channel.

We know her channel exists, members can make up their own minds if they want to watch them.

Do not make members feel guilty for having opinions which are not the same as yours.
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She is probably so popular because, obviously, she has a plan and goals (a supportive Dad helping), has lot's of minions likely posting her videos all over drum forums (as we see here and an effort on Wikipedia-but it's up for deleting), etc. Maybe we should start a Bozzio thread-because he's not on the list either (at his request though). Yeah that's inane. It gets a bit inane though-the drummer's list isn't a popularity contest and no matter anyones opinions on here Bernhard alone makes those decisions. That's been beaten to death-and it falls on deaf ears-likely drummer's who don't wear hearing protection LOL. You could try like the Shawshank Redemption and send the videos directly to Bernhard and try to bug him into submission-but I'd wager you'd bug him into banning the offender and likely ruin Sina's chances of ever being on the list. Now I have nothing against her-it's great to see young folks pursuing a career in music and I wish her all the best and success in her career. She really is "rocking" along. But that has nothing to do with the DW drummer's list.


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I notice that he seems appreciative and complementary, yet somehow manages to avoid sounding sexist, even in his criticisms...
Even when he says, "She looks good", he follows up with a comment about her form.
It's almost like, instead of listening with a a potential bias, he's just listening.

Thanks for posting this.

Deep Purple drummer, Ian Paice, gives his opinion.



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You have to ask Bernhard's opinion. Peace and goodwill. Reminds me of Shawshank Redemption where he kept sending them letters to Stats asking for funds for library. However in this instance you're sending it to the wrong address LOL. So is this a means of indirectly have Sina on the DW Drummer's list page without an actual endorsement by keeping posting a thread on her? Seems to be the strategy-why not post in Playing section as all other drummers? Need to move the threed to the appropriate section since it would be dishonest to characterize her as being on the DW list-Bernhard could have asked her permission and she said no-as others have done-so this could be breech of etiquette and offend her. That's been the case with others apparently. The list is a collaboration of Bernhard and those he asks that allow permission-so has nothing to do with any of our thoughts. We need a FAQ on this thread explaining this so it won't keep reoccurring ad infinitum.