Simpler Way to Play SSD5 with Roland Drums


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I am brand new to playing and recording drums on my computer. I purchased SSD5 and I'm looking for a simple way to play SSD5 kits with my Roland drums through my computer and mixer. I downloaded a DAW (Cakewalk) and had modest success, but it is just overkill for what I want to do. The kits and instruments on SSD5 sound great and I just want to play them on my Roland and maybe do some recording through my mixer. Is there a simple host application (other than a DAW) where I can load SSD5, select a kit and play? I have an email into SSD but have not heard back. Appreciate any help. Thank you.

Terry Branam

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Not sure about SSD5, but Toontrack stuff includes a standalone software called Toontrack Solo for just playing the Virtual instrument. Maybe try MainStage of you are on a Mac.

Good luck!


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As far as I know SSD5 has a stand alone program you can use. at least SSD4 had one. Maybe try Reaper much easier to use than Cakewalk or Audacity.