Simple Recording Question (I think)


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I'm looking for something that can record my PA directly. I would imagine that it has a USB on one end that plugs into a computer and then a instrument cable input/output on the other.
Does this device exist and does plug directly into a PA mixer or does an instrument cable go from the PA into this mysterious device. Thanks.


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Heres what I'd recommend as a relatively cheap option. Im assuming your PA outputs through 1/4" jacks or XLR. Either way, you can go to radioshack or a number of other stores and get a cable where one end plugs into your PA's output and the other end is a 3.5mm jack(ipod headphone size). Plug the XLR and/or 1/4" jack into your Output and plug the other end into a lovely device called an imic.
From there just figure out how to use that as your sound input on your computer and your home free. hope this helps :)


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for reasonably cheap you can find a mixer with a usb output. i got this cheap little 4 input mixer off ebay used for 50$ that serves as a cross over from the 4 main outs on our 32 channel studio mixer. also nice that you can adjust each main seperately then straight to the computer via usb.

before that we used a 1/4" trs to 1/8" trs and plugged it into the mic input on the computer, worked but the sound quality wasn't that good. also you can by a ccrossover like the mbox to do basically the same thing but at a much higher price.

the real trick here is finding middle ground between something cost effective but yet doesn't sacrifice sound quality too much that it makes it pointless to even do.


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the device is called an interface. It typically has an A/D converter (analog to digital) that converts your signal into data. From there, it transmits it digtally via USB or firewire to your computer where SOFTWARE like Pro-tools, Logic, Cakewalk, Sonar, Garageband, Audacity, Acidpro, etc etc etc allows you to record and layer multiple tracks for playback, mixing and mastering. Use the search function here on DW to search for interface, the topic has been extensively covered.

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