Simon Kirke snare sound


Hey crew, I finally started playing drums for a band again and I've been learning a bunch of covers. Two of the tunes are by Bad Co., and I have to say- out of all the great songs we're doing, the SOUND of Simon Kirke's snare drum (as well as his playing) really stood out to me and is something I want to emulate.

So I started researching what he was using back then.
My first thought was that it HAD to be the old standard Ludwig metal. There isn't much info about Simon Kirke, but I found this great article about Hayman during my search:

I thought it was a pretty interesting read. Not that I could afford one if I could find one.

Anyway, does anyone here have any other info re: the early drum sounds from Bad Co?


I too am a big fan of that fat, nice groove Simon ALWAYS laid down!

If I'm not mistaken, early Bad Co. days were Ludwigs, and also, I had always thought that he recorded with a Supraphonic, 5x14 ?

Anyone else?

ON EDIT: YES,...I was correct....look!

Go to that like, about 1/2 way down the page, ....Ludwig, Black Diamond Pearl kit, and .......a 5x14 Supra! :)


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From what I remember from an old Modern Drummer article, Simon used a Ludwig Black Beauty for the Bad Company recordings, I believe it was a 5X14 70's