Simmons SD9K E-Kit, thoughts?


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so me and the gf are moving into a bigger place together and shes letting me have one of the bedrooms for my 'music room' (i know.. shes great huh?) but since it'll most likely be in an apartment building, or a house with more than 1 unit, my acoustic drums are not really an option... so i was looking into electric kits so i had something to practice with and demo record new stuff with (my band has a jam space for my acoustic kit, so the whole 'well, it doesnt feeeeeeel like a real kit' arguement isnt a big deal, i just want something i can use to keep my chops up while bored at home)

the kit that really struck my eye was the Simmons SD9K ( ) which innitially seemed way too good to be true, for the low low price of $999 USD, but after reading some reviews, i see no one has any huuge issues with the kit.

anyone have any experience with this kit?


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I played them before.

It's kind of Meh...
Better than the other Simmons kits, the sounds are OK at best. The rack and mounts are kind of cheap.

For the same price you can get a Roland TD3. That is a MUCH better kit. They may even be cheaper now because Roland discontinued them this year.