Simmons Hi-Hat Pedal Not Working/Replacement Parts?


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Hi :) First post here so hopefully I put this in the right place.
I just started drumming this week. Really fun, I got them as a gift. Mentioned I wanted to start saving up for a set and my friend just gave me his old practice kit. It's the Simmons sd7pk, sat in his garage for quite a few years.
First question: The hi-hat pedal he gave me isn't working. When plugged in it's stuck in the closed position, and when it's not obviously it's set to open. Tried different cables and would have just trashed it, but occurred to me that the snare has to have a stereo cable because it's dual zone. If anyone knows if it's just broken or I need a stereo for the hi hat as well that'd be greaat.
Second: There's a couple pieces missing that I can't seem to find online? My friend told me he'd look around to see if he could find them, but I'm missing the bass drum. Can only find the KP1 which I'm hoping will be compatible.
Also, I'm missing this bit that holds my ride in place. The link below shows it for like forty bucks, but I only need the short piece (with the wing nut). It's photographed under the long rod. Kinda ridiculous :/