Simba Drum Set


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They could (and I'd underline could here) be maple. The shells look very much like in terms of finish the stencil kits that were sold under a number of brands, such as White Horse, Drum World in the UK and others very cheaply for what they were.

If they are the same shells then they're not bad at all for their money.


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Because of the pearl head? I actually swapped my 2 bass drum heads on October 5 because my batter head broke, and taped the broken head. Now the pearl head is on the batter side and the taped head on the resonant side. I will put in another picture when I get a Meinl HCS 20" ride cymbal and put it on my empty stand (not pictured in the link) and also my parents bought them used for my 9th birthday and I've had them for 6 years now. The silver drum was at that time a snare but is a snare no longer. I removed all the snare drum pieces from it before I bought the bottom head.