Silken Trois Crashes


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Something clicked when I got a chance to play a set Kerope and K Con cymbals. I felt they finally delivered the oldskool dark and trashy sounds which regular K's promised but never took to the max. Unfortunately, the price for admission to these wonderful sounds are usually frightening, or so I thought. All that changed however while windowshopping in at a local music store. I was about to leave when the salesman directed me to the Silken display. I had heard about Silken before, but my first impression was that this was just another small, funky cymbal brand. I was unimpressed with the Sebring, Avus, and Borealis series, but one hit on the 20" Trois blew my mind. It wasn't only dark and trashy, but CRAZY-BOINGY-GONGY dark and trashy. I guess it's what you get when a Chinese cymbalsmith interpolates vintage Turkish cymbals. About the only thing right about my first impression was the price, less than half of big name brands, and another half off due to the store's Super Sale. I didn't have enough cash on me, so I had it reserved until the weekend. I went back bright and early that Saturday morning, and left the store not only with the 20", but with an 18" too. Now all I need is a gig :)

P.S. Is Ken Cheng still around? His last post was in 2010.

20", 1980 gms

18" 1500 gms
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