Silentstroke vs stick with my e-kit?


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Hi all,
I have a Yamaha DTX750. While I think it's a great e-kit, I think it still just doesn't feel the same as sitting behind a real kit, partly because of the sizes and positioning.

I read another thread recently that mentioned those Silentstroke heads, and the video looked promising. As I have 4 kits (yes, I am insane), I'm thinking I could stick some Silentstroke heads on it, and use my electronic hats/cymbals for the rest. I find it interesting that the Silentstroke heads still manage to retain a bit of tone.. is that from the resonant heads? I guess in that case any mesh head would work.. And that combined with electronic cymbals coming through a speaker might be good too.

Has anyone compared the Silentstroke heads to e-kit pads? Particularly the yammy silicon pads like on the DTX700 and DTX900 series?

My other option is to put mesh heads on and trigger, so then I still have a full electronic kit.. I think I'd also need to put rubber on the rims as I rim-shot like crazy when I get carried away... ;-)

EDIT: Just found this with quiet cymbals too: Interesting!


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I'm intrigued by these Drum-tec heads. Certainly, I've played on a Roland mesh kit and two Silentstroke heads enough to know that they both have ridiculous rebound, though apparently tuning low on the Silentstrokes coaxes them towards less rebound - I would like to try that but I don't have any on hand.

From the couple times I've played the Yamaha e-kits before, I do think Silentstrokes would be a better option for practicing; partially because since they're on a real drum you have a much more realistically sized target to aim for. The Roland I've played on has 10" and 12" pads which I find good enough to not actively notice that they're smaller, but I've definitely played on Yamaha e-kits with 8" sized pads that I just was not a fan of.


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SilentStroke heads plus Zildjian L80 cymbals are about as good as it can get for practicing at low volumes. I can play in the garage while my wife takes a nap in the bedroom directly above me. The mesh heads are a little more bouncy than regular heads, but that isn't too big of an issue. The cymbals feel like real cymbals because they are real cymbals.

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I can't imagine playing on non triggered Silentstrokes.

It would kinda take the fun out of drums if they didn't make noise :)

And, they certainly have more bounce than an A head, but I got used to them easily.


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I used to have a Roland TD30-KVS electronic set, but sold it and got a Gretsch Acoustic set. After playing an electronic set for so long, I felt I was missing out on something. After all, it seems nearly all professional drummers are using acoustic sets. And, it's true, the sounds of the Roland digitized cymbals are good. But, it's not like a real wooden stick hitting real metal!!! Now that I switched to acoustic, my drumming technique, dynamics and creativity are improving. I' love it.

At home I use Zildjian Low-Volum Cymbals and REMO Silentstroke Drum Heads. The Silentstroke heads were actually too quiet for me -- I could barely hear my bass drums. So, after some experimenting, I found a quick way to get more tone from them (just need some painter's tape).

Check out this video:


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I bought the silenstrokes and the zildjian cymbals and the reality is that it's still not the same. So many years pass and they still can't invent something that resembles a real drum. Sad but true


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So many years pass and they still can't invent something that resembles a real drum. Sad but true
Why ;) Do you only play with bands who solely use acoustic guitars, acoustic upright bass, acoustic grand piano and zero effects pedals and units? No.

Go somewhere else with your sounds like the rest of the band. It's not 1958 any more. ;)

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With much thanks to jimzo, serano44 has been exposed as a snidey bastard.

Part of me thinks, well done sir. You got me and I dare say you got quite a few others as well. The other part is just intrigued as to why in the name of christ you'd bother yourself with it?

Are you 12, have just discovered porn and don't realise the rest of the known world has known about it since time immemorial?

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If you live in the US they're expensive (due to shipping and minimum $ amount) but Drum Tec makes heads/drums that closely resemble the feel of an acoustic kit. They're much louder than the Silentstroke heads but they also have other versions that are quieter but feel more 'bouncy' than a normal drumhead. If you have a kit with replaceable heads consider Drum Tec or Billy Blast 3 ply heads.


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Well I hope this guy discovered he just could have thrown some triggers under the silent stroke heads and had the best of both worlds (there's a bit more choice now too since 2016)!