Silencing a snare drum.


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Is there any way i can silence a snare drum without using practice pads or mesh heads, i am wanting a way to practice my stick control completely, with the perfect feel of my snare drum. I still want some noise but just not so that you can hear it outside the house (seriously you can hear me play all around the neighborhood) hhaha.


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sabian makes a pad called quiet tone that is actually a snare head and hoop that sits on top of your snare drum and feels pretty much exactly like a snare will even get some rattle from the strainers.....

look into it....

back in the day I filled my snare with bubble wrap when i had no pad.....that worked to


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Thanks! knew there would be something/some stuff you could do like that, google seems to like to keep that stuff a secret...


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Brad.... Also, try taking a cotton tee shirt, remove your snare batter head and stretch the tee across the shell. Get out all the tee shirt wrinkles and re-install your snare batter head. Then , turn off the snares (or, leave 'em on),after you crank the head up tight. There you go!
Cheap, easy and does the trick.



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Get a Gladstone rubber pad,.They are on ebay and available at most music stores.The pad is 14"in diameter and made of rubber with a thicker 6" pad in the middle.Very quite,and they have been around forever.I bought mine in the early 70s and still use it.I'm pretty sure Ludwig distributes them.

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The towel trick worked just fine for the amount of noise i wanted to loose, and the feel is exactly the same without, score! Thanks for the advice all :)
That gladstone pad is sold at my local drum store, but my snare is 13", the horror when i bought a 14 inch mesh pad D:
I would try the cotton shirt trick, but i dont wanna risk the perfect tuning i have now (thanks to my friendly neighborhood drum shopkeeper) as i cannot tune myself AT ALL.