Silenced acoustics or Electronic kit?


For the past 18 months or so, i've been using the Roland HD-1 V-drums lite as my starter kit. Now i've decided i want to take drumming further, i want to upgrade. This time i want an acoustic, but of course there is a noise problem. So basicly my options are:

Get a silenced acoustic drum kit (with vic firth silencers) but i can take the silencers off cymbals and bass drum.

Or i upgrade to a Roland TD9k2 (my budget is about £1200)

So what's the best option for feel, because i know silencer pads take the rebound of the stick away a bit, and the mesh heads are a bit to springy.

I was thinking of a stage set of AAX sabians (un-silenced) and then the best kit i could get for roughly £660 (hopefully more!)

Thanks in advance (hope im posting this in the right place! (sorry)


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I think unless you are in a band you should stick with electronic drums. I hate having silencer pads because the sound is horrible. With an electric kit you actually hear a drum sound whereas with the pads you just hear a thud. Electric kits also have in built metronomes and some other cool features on them so i would recommend that you just upgrade to a better electric kit. If you move to a place where you don't have to watch your noise levels then you should get an acoustic kit but for now stick to an electric.


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You don't say what you want to use it for ????
If you're going out gigging then an acoustic kit but if you're just playing at home then I'd say an e-kit has an awful lot of advantages over not only volume to your neighbours but also to your ears / possible damage as well and you don't have to have the stereo blaring at extreme volumes to play along to music.
BUT a e-kit will never feel like an acoustic kit so again depends what you want to be doing in the future, maybe keep the one you've got and get a decent 2nd hand Yamaha Stage Custom or soemthing for about £450, then you have the best of both worlds !!


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I love my acoustic kit so much and the way it feels is really not replicable but i do have an ekit here in my room at school that I got at guitar center for 20 percent off (floor model) which made a 950 dollar e-kit around 700. I know many people would not buy an ekit off the floor because kids bang them really hard but got it at 14 th street GC in NYC and they alot of more appealing kits on the floor to bang on and I also think that my kit was made really well and built to last. If you want to hear my ekit check out my YouTube page


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How quiet are the silencers?

IMO you won't be happy longterm with a TD-9...and that's ALOT of money for a stopgap.
I have a td3 kit. IMO if I were to buy a new ekit it would have to be minimum (if Roland) a TD 12.
IMO there is little difference between a td4 and 9. I don't really even see the point of the 9...anyway this sucks bc the 12 is like $3500. I can get the same basic function out of a 1k kit that I need to pay 3k for an ekit....unless noise is the MOST important factor I'd go acoustic every time.