Signed Cymbal


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In my never ending quest to fill my cymbal setup I purchased a 16" zildjian A Thin Crash off of craigslist. When the guy sold it to me he casually mentioned that it was signed by Steve Smith.

So heres the question. Id rather not play on it because it seems like more of a collectors item than anything, but I do not know how much i should sell it for if I decide to go that route. any suggestions on what I should do?


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My first thought was... "Keep it, play it every once in a while".

As a collector's piece it is worth more than an unsigned cymbal. The reality is that it is not that /B] much more.

I have a 16 A Thin. It is a great sounding cymbal.

I don't know. I would just keep it and one day it will make a prize gift or a good resale when you need a few bucks.


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Not to be glib, but it's worth whatever someone's willing to pay for it. You find a Steve Smith freak out there and he/she'll will top anyone else's bid. That's who you want to sell it to.


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I'd keep it and play it. The trick with any "signed" things is you have to have some provenance--something that proves it's real--to seriously up the value anyway. So you might as well just enjoy a great cymbal with the signature of a great drummer.