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Seems like this discussion hasn't happened on here for a number of years. After reading the forum, I gotta believe that opinions and use have changed in that time.

As I eagerly await my side snare that's on pre-order, I want to hear from y'all. If you play a side snare:
- What are the specs - size, material, maker, etc.?
- How is it different than your kit and primary snare - tuning, style, etc.?
- How are you using it - type of music, applications/scenarios?

The new snare is deeper than my primary snare. I'm planning on using it for a fat sound, heavy backbeat as a contrast to my 14x4.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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The main one is A 12x4 Colaiuta sig., but it can be any one of my snares and I do sometimes play around with an all or mostly snares kit. The Stanton Moore pandeiro also lives there sometimes.

This is my main duo.


The 12x4 is tuned in several different ways. A staple for me is to put a seed pod shaker on top.

It canbe used for anything. A certain part for variation both for back beat and more rudimetl stuff, as a single fill or with the shaker which makes a sort of electronic type sound.
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This has been my trusty partner for over 20 years.


This a 10x5 Yamaha Stage Custom from the first generation which I upgraded with a better strainer system.

It is made from a Birch/mahogany/falkata mix.

It also had a mount which I removed as prefered snare basket use.

She saw the world.

Since I have switched to DW in 2019, and wanted something shallower, I bought this baby last week.


This is a 10x4,5 solid cast shell aluminum snare.

I use side snares mainly for verses, bridges and groovy parts in general.
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I rarely use a side snare but when I do I actually enjoy it being larger diameter and deeper/fatter sound wise (I guess you could say lower tone and pitch) then my primary snare.

Fritz Frigursson

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I use a LM402 as a main snare tuned med-high, a typical funk tuning as you might call it, and a Yamaha Dave Weckl signature maple 14x5 as a deep snare. It is kinda counter intuitive to use the shallower snare as a thuddy "disco" snare but it works.


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I have had a side snare for many years. I like it how Simon Phillips or Steve Smith used them!

I have a 12" x 5" Sonor Designer snare with maple light shell:


It is tuned very high. The reso head is also tuned very high. So high that I broke a reso head for the first time in my drumming life!

My main snare is an allround snare with a beech, maple, or birch shell. Mostly a 6.5" deep. This has a medium tuning and some dampening.

I play it mostly in the songs in the bridge or verse. So there really is an audible difference in the song.
Or I play the ghost notes on the side snare and emphasize the 2 the 4 on the main snare.
This brings a whole new timbre to the drumming and also to the song!

A very clear recommendation from me to a side snare.
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Old Dog new Cans

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I have an 8" popcorn, yes 8". . .from Trixon. It absolutely cracks like a gun! I also have a low tuned fatty maple snare I love for a 2nd.