Sick Jam!


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I recorded this sick jam with a couple of musos (as they call them in Australia) recently. It turned out really well. It was the first time any of us ever jammed together. While jamming on the bass, I made up this really cool riff, and that is what we are jamming on, but I am on drums in the recording, obviously, or I wouldn't be posting in a drum forum! I am going to point you to my myspace page, because that is the only place I have it online. The best jam, in my opinion, of the four on the page, is Kangaroo Jam 1, and Kangaroo Jam 2 is pretty sick as well. It's start with a pretty fast blues groove. Fast for me anyways. I know it sounds ridiculous. That's my quirky sense of humour. I don't get to play the drums much ever since I came here eight months ago, but I practice on my pad a lot. This was the first time I got to really open up in a while, aside from the two times I visited the music store and annoyed the heck out of the employees when I jammed on the electric kits for a half an hour, and when I play the buckets on the street. I hope you enjoy. Criticism welcome. Thank you :)
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