Shuffle beat


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No one mentioned Radar Love ... the first part of each verse is accompanied by a swing shuffle on the snare at 190 bpm. You really need perfect technique to play it properly.
You know a guy really feels the shuffle deeply when he can give the shuffled kick drum a dynamic pulse instead of both hits the same volume...throughout the entire song.
Absolutley. I learned to appreciate Frank much more after figuring out what he was doing. So smooth too.


Love this thread, I been plying Lagrange and Tush wrong for a very long time. So long in fact that when I started practicing the actual "Texas" shuffle it was extremely hard. Now That I almost have it (still a little muddy) down whenever I try to play it to Lagrange or Tush I instantly go back to my old way of doing it and really cannot feel the shuffle during the song... ughhhhhhh This may well be my bane to playing drums.