Show Your Wood Hoops


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I just added Gibraltar Maple Hoops to my Recording Custom 7x14 snare. This thing is now totally sick. I've really never been a big fan of deep snares. I usually like 'em medium depth, 5 or 5.5". This snare came along with some other used RC's that I bought a few months back. Adding the maple hoops has converted me. I can tune this thing low for an amazingly fat sound, but it still sounds crisp. The whole drum has more resonance, vibration and sounds huge. Seems like I can get almost any sound I want, all in one drum. Rimshots and cross-sticking sound ridculous and much more consistent.

The hoops cost about $130 for the pair, which seems to be somewhat less than the Yamaha Vintage Hoops. In my mind, well worth the cost, although doing an entire kit would be pricey.

So, show your snare, tom or kit with wood hoops, tell us what they do for you, where you purchased them and your overall impression of them.


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