Show us your tiny kits


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The cocktail kit is the home built one I made from 2 floor toms and a small 10" tom. Has a 13" piccolo snare an 18" ride with a 17" Projection crash to round out the set.
It's since been sold.

The kit on the stage is the workhorse for my Rockabilly shows. It replaced the cocktail kit as it just sounds better. I did a full refurbish on the 20" kick, 12" rack tom and the snare. I noticed the EMAD ring slipping out after I took this shot, so yes, it's been fixed. :-D

The Cajon kit is one I used for a really small acoustic show where low volume was key. Used brushes on the snare and a Vic fleece beater on the box. Sounded better than I expected.

The "Foot tom" kit is an obvious floor tom conversion. This replaced the Cajon kit for the low volume gigs. Sounds really good with the Evans 360 Hydraulic head. There's a floor tom Kickport on the front head. The PDP 805 popcorn snare rounds this one out well.

With minimal space, one learns to do with what he can. This band has allowed me to really explore the world of Drumsmithing as I've had to make all that I play.



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Hello everyone! This is my first post but I’ve been inspired by this forum and learned a great deal from looking. I’ve just completed my first suitcase drum kit, and thought that would share pictures.
I’m very interested in small compact and minimal setups, for practical and aesthetic reasons. I’m learning to play jazz and light accompaniment to my friends who all seem to play guitar. This kit fits in my practice space and all but the throne and ride fit into the case. If I get a hold of an 18” crash ride, it would fit in the case.



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I play this kit every week at a jazz brunch gig in Midlothian, Virginia:

Premiere 16" concert-tom-style actual kick drum (reinforced rim on head-side), Yamaha 14" aluminum Recording Custom snare, Yamaha 10" and 12" Stage Custom (96' style lugs), DW 9000 Pedal w/Vic Firth felt beater, Yamaha hat stand, Pearl Rocker throne, Bosphorus 18" flat ride w/tub chain, Zildjian 18" K Con ride. Occasionally, I use a third pedal for a wood block. The throne and stick bag fit into the bass drum to carry. That's one trip. Second trip is the rug, folded in one hand, and the rolling Vic Firth snare and zylophone bag I use for all the hardware in my other hand. That rolling bag came from Goodwill for just $10! My dad spotted it for me one time, thanks dad! The third and last trip is my snare (in a nice Gretsch case w/shoulder strap, cymbal bag with shoulder strap, and the two toms, which I hold by the arms already mounted in them. EASY LOAD-IN!!

The kick came from my good friend and excellent drummer, Emre Kartari. Definitely look him up! He started the first university-level jazz program in Turkey... Like, only just a few years ago, crazy!

Photos of my Oak kit can be seen at


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I have a new tiny kit-the Bezos-Pecker kit that I'd love to show but its only for the most Inquiring of minds LOL. Sorry couldn't help myself, but it's a case of "Art" imitating life.
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