Show us your tiny kits


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What kind of kit is that? I'm normally not a fan of those big round lugs but that looks really classy.
That is a Custom Classic, which was a house brand sold by Siglers Music in Arkansas. They sold fairly cheap and are decent drums. Nothing you would go on the road with. I picked this one up used. This one has a really nice deep sparkle lacquer finish.

Basically I think this was one of those "We have 40 bazilion miscellaneous shells and parts in a Chinese warehouse and we'll piece them together and you can slap your badge on it" type deals.
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Another Mini drum-kits that I build last month.6" mini snare,10" bass drum,6" mini-hat,12" splash/Ride.Playing position can be Sitting or standing( stage Space!).
That is a work of art. Do you have plans for that kit and any videos available to hear it?

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Put this one together with a generic 16" floor tom cut down and mounted on a Pearl Jungle Jig, a PDP 13" snare from an old Chameleon kit, and a cheap lightweight hi hat stand with 13" hats.

Played it for the first time at a backyard party last weekend. Used rutes most of the time, and a beater I made from packing foam so as not to be too loud for the ukulele people I was playing with. The entire rig fit in the trunk of my Malibu.


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Just want to share my new drum's project pic & short video demo!
(1)Turn this broken/diry Bar-stool into bass-drum.I got this Bar-stool free from the owner of the pub.(2)after 2 days job done finally i give this stool a new clean look!!(3)spent another 1 day to make a bass drum body for the 13" old drum-head.There's a Honda Motorbike front brake cable attached to the diy pedal-board & to the bass-drum body.This Bar-stool Bass drum will be good for Guitar player,Percussionist & drummer at very small stage!



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Love this thread, awesome seeing all these tiny kits!

For acoustic gigs around the city I've been using a giant plastic laundry tub to both carry a snare+cymbals+hardware. Then I use the tub as a bass drum (i have a door hinge attached to the bottom that the bass pedal attaches to.

Packing up is a matter of throwing everything in the bucket and putting that on my bicycle trailer: