Show us your SEVEN piece kits


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I realize I'm being very particular here, but I'd love to see your 7 piece setups. I think bop kits are gorgeous, but I specifically want to see how y'all have configured your big - but not monstrous - setups.

Started this thread to hold me over while I wait on production and weather related delays of my 7th piece, my side snare.

K Chez

I like the number 7....

I've always played a 4 pc set-up, but when I got back into playing after almost a 10 year lay off & not having access to a regular place to practice even longer than that, I went for changing up everything about my set up since I was going to be re-learning pretty much everything anyway. Yes, it is rather impractical, but I wouldn't be dragging this mess around to gigs, if I were playing any - I have a much more sane set up should that situation arise.. It is fun to play around with a lot of sound options, though and I would use this for recording (I'm sure engineers will be THRILLED LOL)


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My "2x bop" Sakae Almighty maple 7 pc. The two 18" kicks really sing. The side snare is a 5x10 EFX. I sometimes add a second side snare, a Pearl Modern Utility 7x12.
Main snare in this photo is a Gretsch Renown RN2. I also use a Sakae chrome over steel snare. Got the Gibraltar Josh Dunn throne because I liked the color with this kit. After reading the recent stick bag thread, I'm waiting on a green Tama stick bag to hang on the FT. Had a hard time finding a snare stand adequate for the 10" side snare, but eventually settled on the Ludwig Atlas Pro II adjustable. Pricey, but works great!
The Sonor 4 pc in the background is in the 4 pc kits thread.