Show us your Mapex kits!


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Here's one I've been working on for a few years . . . It took around 15 years to find all the parts and "mostly" color-matched pieces. Started out as a 5-piece: 8x12, 9x13, 16x16, 5.5x14, and 22x20.


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Drifter in the Dark

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I have a Mapex MyDentity kit in black sparkle finish: 12x8 rack tom (birch), 14x14 floor tom (birch), 20x16 bass drum (maple). I bought the drums in 2014 and still use them for most of my gigs. The shells are well-made, but I don't like the hardware. I removed the "suspension" mount (which badly choked the drum) from the rack tom, and the floor tom has new leg brackets; the stock brackets were clamshell-style & had rivets in them to hinge the two halves together, but the problem was that the rivets came loose a little, and would rattle every time I hit the drum. Here's a picture of the kit in action, at a gig I played last Saturday. (Note: The wood hoop on the Mapex bass drum cracked when I dropped it during a load-out, so until I find a new hoop I'm using my 18x16 Sound Percussion "Street-Bop" bass drum, which actually sounds way better than you'd think it would.) 86148

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Hi guys I'm new to this forum, had an old Mapex V years ago but just swapped my old superstars for this lovely meridian maple in retro sizes. Plus an old big cat stool never been out of the box. 😊882458824688248