Show us your Four Piece Kits.

Bobby C!...that Rogers! kit=drum lust but I'm looking at that MIJ kit wondering what it is befor reading it in your post and I'm so loving that kit. I'm telling you and everyone within throwing distance that I will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart for those kits. To long to get into and I'm sure No one can relate but whenever I see those type of kits I'm inspired all over again to be all that I can be playing drums. What a ❤ warming photo!..and blue sparkle to top it off!. What a trip down memory lane!. You have no idea what that photo did for me.
Nice to hear. I bought that MIJ set last summer locally for a song, cleaned them up, changed some heads, painted the BD hoops, put Pure Sound wires on the snare, and they are for sale. I'll PM you.
Here's my Ultra Oyster White DW set configured as a four piece on a gig years ago in Maryland. The Aqua Blue MIJ set is going up for sale soon, and the Oyster Black Rogers were sold a while back.

Dig the DW kit. Sweet looking. (y)
4pieceset 007.JPG4pieceset 008.JPG

This is a 20/12/16. the 20 and 12 are from 1966. the 16 is from 1968.
Prev owner had Evans EC2 tom and bass Emad batters
Clear Ambassador Tom reso's and ported EC2 Bass reso.

They sounded hi-pitched like bells- which was fine- and the bass was ball-less (without nouggie.

My local Craigslist had an ad for Three 20-12-16 FA Fiberskyn Remo heads like new for sale.
My eyes went wide.
After a few phone calls we met nearby and all day today 12 hours- I've been sorting (tuning and tensioning)
The only Evans left , was the Emad (which I ripped foam ring off the day these came home last Thursday) which I'm using as bass Reso.

I got bass tone now in the bass drum- not quite my Red Wine Pearl 20- but good. And the toms deeper and melodic.
So still some work to do.

I must say- those Evans (the EC2s) looked good and I respect them. But I had to inject my Remo funk- what I'm used to-
and a.. Almost there
about 5 inches away from the goal line.

Here's a conundrum-disappointment.
I couldn't keep the black reso on the bass.

aqua 015.JPG

Why? Well it's a Remo Prizmatic Powerstroke I've had for over 20 years and it has No tone.
I don't know why- maybe because it's PS and Prizmatic- But looked good- Ran real bad.

I don't know if a black ambassador- is lighter more resonant maybe I'll get one of those - to improve the looks.
But that Black Prizmatic powerstroke killed all resonance as in none. (shame) cause It looked good..

"Should I try cutting the ring out? So I'll have some reso- resonance and the cool prizmatic black look? .
"where's my banana knife.."

10 minutes later..
A quick little snip and
it's alive....

4pieceset 009.JPG

it's alive!

4pieceset 010.JPG

Bass now Sounds like the intro of "My World Is Empty Without You Babe" by Diana Ross and the Supremes

4pieceset 014.JPG
4pieceset 015.JPG4pieceset 016.JPG

drab no more!

"knew that head would come in handy once I cut the muffling ring out"
(kidding no I didn't) but now I know.
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"that green is wicked"
( I know's what they is!.. : )

haven't played my old Ks in a loong time;

4pieceset2 007.JPG

Think that time is coming back..
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eta: USA Custom drums. Traditional size bop set, including snare. I did the direct to tom mount & bass drum myself. Zildjian K Conn Cymbals: 14 Hats - 20" Renaissance - 19 Crash/Ride
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Schmucky, I missed you! I'm just kidding..
Nope that stand's been with me new- since 1971!! 😁
and I ain't "spending a dime" on any more old stuff..

aquaSSB 003.JPG

20/12 round head (1966) 16 hex head screw from 1968 @Elvis
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Never thought I'd see the day...jOe's finally gone full Rock'n'Roll.
Next thing you know, his hair will down to his butt and a '66 Micro Bus will magically appear in his driveway. :ROFLMAO:;)
Seriously though, nice grab jOe. That finish is empeccable. Sizes are 20/12/16?
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