Show us your Four Piece Kits.

Ryan Culberson

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From my county fair gig the other day. Stage crew doing what they do best (LOL) and a side shot. After a few logo reso heads getting torn to shreds by overzealous sound guys, I threw an old PS3 clear on that I hit with carburetor cleaner to take all the ink off. Added a larger than normal port so they can get their filthy mitts in there, and all is now well.




I like the finish of the shells. Are they wrapped or lacquered ?
Lacquered - the finish is called Diamond Burst (I think) :)
My picture (colours) are pretty accurate but when you Google search for this finish there seems to be a more "silver" diamond burst as well.


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Here are two more pics from my gig this last Friday of what has quickly become my all time favourite drum set . For those unaware of the brand . This is a steambent (single ply) flame maple drum set made by Gary Posey of Summit drums . The sizes were inspired by the Noble and Cooley Star series drums . Bass is 20 x 10” (sounds huge ) 12 x 6 rack tom and 14 x 7 “floor “ tom . The Toms are placed in Tama Classic series tom stands - super light and sturdy and do not choke the Tom’s at all . The tom wood hoops are by Jody at Stellar Wood Hoops .
The snare is a Sonor Benny Greb version 2 - maybe my favourite snare these days . C05ADC0B-3BC3-40F2-937E-D6E6E15F93B6.jpeg73C333AE-8BE9-4118-AB8E-8358B5E4C6BB.jpeg


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heres mine. the first two dont have my gretsch in em. ill get new ones soon...




Like the B&W pic.

Ryan Culberson

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Some 4-piece action at the gig last night. DW 12-16-22, with a 6.5x14 hammered bronze Ludwig snare hiding behind the 12. The bass drum is kinda unique, being 10" deep. Great space saver for the tight spots, and it sounds great. Just recently found the 12" tom to go with the other two, which wasn't exactly easy given the matching satin finish and build year (1997). The 12 is a half shade lighter than the other two but no biggie.