Show us your Four Piece Kits.


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heres mine. the first two dont have my gretsch in em. ill get new ones soon...




Like the B&W pic.

Ryan Culberson

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Some 4-piece action at the gig last night. DW 12-16-22, with a 6.5x14 hammered bronze Ludwig snare hiding behind the 12. The bass drum is kinda unique, being 10" deep. Great space saver for the tight spots, and it sounds great. Just recently found the 12" tom to go with the other two, which wasn't exactly easy given the matching satin finish and build year (1997). The 12 is a half shade lighter than the other two but no biggie.


Neal Pert

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Yamaha Manu Katche Hip Gig Jr Good.JPG

I love this little Yamaha Hip Gig Jr. This was its maiden voyage for me-- I was a ringer for a college jazz combo.

Manu Katche 2 Hip Gig.JPG

Paiste, left to right: 14" Masters hi hats, 20" Masters Dark Crash/Ride, 10" PSTX Swish, 22" Masters Dark Ride, 20" 602 Medium Flatride.


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This is one of my favorite threads / topics on this website. The Saturn V set I posted a few pages back is now at our church. Back in January I bought his kit, which came with three toms. But I only use two. Peace and goodwill.

The kit that is at church

My new kit


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