Show us your Four Piece Kits.


Ray Ayotte built these for me .... he just finished the shells last week. He refinished the ssb 12x8 tom last year in a custom made natural finish. I left the tom with him to match the new shells to. He used my 6ply Gretsch hoops for the 20x10 bass drum. The shells are 6ply... 10x7 tom & 14x12 floor tom. We're waiting on the last of the hardware to show up. Ray does build his own gorgeous hardware but in this case I've asked him to use Gretsch hardware for the buildout. I was going to have him use my repro Rail Mount but decided to have a virgin bass drum. Ray is about a 3 hour drive from where I live. I'm picking them up rather than having them shipped. Probably in early Fall.
Ray built a Piccolo snare for me last year... 14x4 in same finish... using part of my 24x14 Gretsch Cocktail shell that he cut down. 20210617_123838.jpg


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My franken mapex kit.

Two older Mars toms, Horizon bass drum and an mpx snare.

I just picked up the bass drum last week. Not sure what l am going to do with them. Cheapie yamaha, tama, mapex etc kits are a dime a dozen and even at that they are a hard sell. I couldn’t be bothered with fire sale tire kickers so l might donate them instead.

Have a great res5 of your weekend and stay safe



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I donated my Tama kit to the local University. The music department was very grateful and I got paperwork from the Administration for a tax right off. Might be something to consider
I am going to donate that kit to the Hope Mission, which is an Edmonton inner city resource centre. A former neighbour of mine works for them and runs a musical outreach program. As much as l would be too much of a drum snob to play these, they will be much appreciated.

l am going to toss in some sticks, cymbals, extra heads, but no hardware as l don’t have any to spare.

Thanks for the suggestion, a good one indeed.

Stay safe and have a great live music weekend all



Four Piece 1969 Pearl gem :)
Valencia model with factory original wrap in beautiful condition.
Drum sizes:
12x8 and 14x14 toms
14x5.5 snare
I bought these in a local 2nd-hand shop about 8 years ago.
9ply shells with the factory painted gray interiors.
I have 4 nice Gretsch sets but I set these up every so often and play them for a few weeks. I'm always surprised at how good they sound. A fun little set to play.
The drums came to me without a pedal, hihat or cymbal stands.
The Pearl Catalog ad shows the 1969 Pearl Valencia drums in Black Pearl.... my drums are in Blue Pearl according to the 1969 Pearl catalog.


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New additions to my Sonor/Sakae/Tama frankenkit:
Sonor Select Force maple 12x9 tom
Sonor Essential Force birch 16x16 FT
and Sakae Almighty 22x18 birch kick
with a Tama Artwood 14x6.5 birch snare

Just love the way these drums sound!


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Hmm. Here are mine.

Yamaha Stage Custom
1976 Ludwig Octa Plus
1970 Slingerland
N&C Walnut
Gretsch Renown Maple (1st gen)
Roland TD-11
Not pictured are Yamaha Oak Custom, Pearl Export, and my very first kit Peavy.


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paradiddle pete

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Holy mother of...what a dream kit. I'll now sit and stare at this kit for a minimum of 5 minutes even though a dynasonic is missing. Is that a rogers drum key I see on your 16?.
I had a mint 1970 WMP Powertone set I sold that I kind of regret now... Not too fussed about a Dynasonic, usually I play that set with a Pre Serial COB Super 400..and a full set of pre serial 602's.. That's a Copper phonic with the '69 set.P1011682.JPG


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My BOP kit


Pearl Masters Premium Maple SST - snare is a Mapex Armory Tomahawk
Haven't had them long - still experimenting with heads and tuning etc.... pretty happy though