Show us your Four Piece Kits.

Holy mother of...what a dream kit. I'll now sit and stare at this kit for a minimum of 5 minutes even though a dynasonic is missing. Is that a rogers drum key I see on your 16?.
I had a mint 1970 WMP Powertone set I sold that I kind of regret now... Not too fussed about a Dynasonic, usually I play that set with a Pre Serial COB Super 400..and a full set of pre serial 602's.. That's a Copper phonic with the '69 set.P1011682.JPG

My BOP kit
Pearl Masters Premium Maple SST - snare is a Mapex Armory Tomahawk
Haven't had them long - still experimenting with heads and tuning etc.... pretty happy though
From my county fair gig the other day. Stage crew doing what they do best (LOL) and a side shot. After a few logo reso heads getting torn to shreds by overzealous sound guys, I threw an old PS3 clear on that I hit with carburetor cleaner to take all the ink off. Added a larger than normal port so they can get their filthy mitts in there, and all is now well.


I like the finish of the shells. Are they wrapped or lacquered ?
Lacquered - the finish is called Diamond Burst (I think) :)
My picture (colours) are pretty accurate but when you Google search for this finish there seems to be a more "silver" diamond burst as well.