Show us your Four Piece Kits.


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Four drums and four for me. I sometimes use one less or one to three more cymbals, but most music can be played with four drums, hats, ride, and two crashes. Peace and goodwill.


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Here are my drums and cymbals. The drums are Mapex Saturn V, and the cymbals are all Sabian.

20" HHX Evolution Ride
18" SR2 Thin Crash
16" AA Thin Crash (20th Anniversary Model)
14" SR2 Hats (medium top, heavy bottom)

Peace and goodwill.


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My Pearls as they sit now.
session custom classics 22x16, 16x14, 12x8, with 14x61/2” session studio select snare. Cymbals include 14” el sabor hats, 20” el sabor ride, 16” aaxplosion fast crash, and a 17” hhxtreme crash. Themse drums have masters hardware, and Premier die cast hoops. 31863A8D-B188-48ED-A08C-A2256379A353.jpeg